Most brands I work with are great at PR

They attract a lot of attention in their home markets through a strong PR strategy for FREE

Then they come to China…..

It is so different and this is a real point of frustration that the strategy at home can’t be replicated in China

Here I talk to Nicky Wang from We Red Bridge a PR and marketing agency who work with many International niche beauty brands like Aesop, Fenty, Lime Crime.

PR IN CHINA IS DIFFERENT: The key areas we discuss are:

1. How PR in China is different from the west

2. Understanding the difference between PR and Marketing in China

3. The parameters brands should set to be successful with PR in China

4. Niche brands must be focused on a specific audience to get cut through

5. Your PR strategy needs to reflect your audience

6. The pitfall of an activation only marketing strategy

7. Pay to play in China and ways of getting some content for free


1. Set your objectives, timeline and resources at the outset

2. Be Focused on who you are targeting, where you will reach them and how

3. Be Bold – try new things, be daring. This market won’t wait for you

It is a very interesting discussion. PR is closely integrated with marketing in China for niche brands but make sure you don’t forget it! It is essential for the long-term health of the brand.

The Number one success factor for China

It is an impossible question but there is one thing that stands out

Focus 🧘🏻‍♀️

Sounds too simple but it is incredibly hard for brands and partners to do

💥 Be detailed in your market preparation 

💥 Listen once you enter

💥 Define your target audience – the more specific the better

💥 Create a community with these people – both through PR & Marketing 

💥 Choose your channels, format, content type, KOLs all based on your target audience

Be ruthless

As a niche beauty brand it is basically your only ticket to long term sustained success in China

Hear from Nicky about her success with LimeCrime\’s China market entry strategy – focus was key.

Remember PR in China is different but should still play an integral part in the long term health of your brand.

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