Pain points solved with data analytics

German Torrado is the managing director of Genetisis E-commerce which focuses on supporting International brands by using their unique data analytics model. Genetisis use multiple sources of data to help shape the strategies for E-commerce operations and Digital Marketing activities in China in real time.

Thank you so much German for sharing your knowledge here at Clean Beauty Asia.

Is data informing your market decisions in China?

Gone are the days of investing and easily getting a great return. In addition, now everything a brand does needs to be optimized.

Data is a crucial part of this process. Many people tell me that having an access to reliable data in China is very difficult. But, this is only part of the issue.

In this episode, I talk to German Torrado from Genetisis which is a data analytics model that aims to help brands optimize their plans and investments in China.

What pain points is it solving:

👉 Growing cost of marketing in China. Costs on ecommerce platforms have increased 4x in last 4 years

👉 Conversion rates are low and ever-increasing numbers of competitors

👉 Unfocused promotions because of blind investments with lack of information

👉 Real time data so you can analyse in China time!

How does it work

👉 Brand dashboard – tracking all your own data from anywhere you are sold online, your social media accounts all in real time

👉Competitor dashboard – you define your competitor set and the dashboard will keep track of their promotions, pricing, product bundling, social media activity

This is a comprehensive tool and well worth brands investigating to optimize their brand strategy as well as daily operations in China.  

If you want to get in touch with Genetisis and German Torrado connect on linkedin or see their website at

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