Skincare Trends in China

Medical Beauty, Holistic Beauty and more – latest skincare trends in china

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of my interview series. 

Today, we’ve got  Carol Zhou from Shiseido.

Carol Zhou currently heads up Innovation and investment for Shiseido in China. This is a great discussion about the latest trends in Skincare.

what sectors of the skincare market are really hot right now:

👉 The rise in holistic beauty – beauty foods, supplements and more

 👉 Medical Beauty boom still has a long way to go vs. Japan & Korea

 👉 Sensitive skin market is increasingly important for care post medical treatment

 👉 The importance of experts – dermatologists and plastic surgeons as KOLs

 👉 The struggle with truly personalised skincare in China


Define your consumer target carefully – make it niche

✅ Tmall traffic has decreased recently as alternatives pop up – look carefully if it is right for your brand

✅ Create a story and tell it so people remember you

If you are a beauty brand or an investor this really is 20 minutes of insights that is definitely worth a listen.

To get in touch with Carol connect on


Shiseido website

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