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You are already in China, but things have not gone as smoothly has you had hoped… You are not alone!

This is very common, and a lot of my clients find me when they hit a bump in the road, and I work with them to solve it and move forward.

There are many different scenarios here but some of the ones I have worked on:


Commercial partner is not performing as expected.

Sales are low, traffic is down, lack of engagement, focus SKUs are not doing well.

The partner is continually asking for more discounts/livestreaming to make the budgeted sales numbers.


Together we will dig into this to find out how we can optimize this relationship.

Looking at cultural misunderstandings to lack of category expertise, focus or just no consistent strategy.

If necessary we will kick off a search for a more suitable partner.

We will work through exactly what you need and reach out to potential partners on your behalf managing this process with you to ensure the best possible fit.

Through this work we will get sales back to your expected performance levels.  


Your Marketing in China is not being done to a high standard

Often brands decide to get the commercial partner to also do the marketing.

Whilst in some cases this works well often it is difficult to strike the right balance between brand and commerce.

Competing priorities mean the real essence of the brand’s values and core messages can get lost.


There are some very practical steps we can take:

  1. Ensuring all stakeholders are aligned on a specific Chinese target audience
  2. Agreeing on the balance of spend and objectives for each campaign between brand building and activation
  3. Creating a master document with key messages in Chinese so all stakeholders are aligned.
  4. If necessary we will also introduce and support you in finding marketing partners who can truly convey your brand in China

Brands who have been in the market for a few years might not be set up for the direction the market is going in now

The domestic opportunity is MUCH bigger than Cross Border

With the changes in animal testing requirements brands need to think beyond a pure cross border strategy

Also beyond Tmall. The market is changing, and more transactions are taking place outside of Tmall.


We work to get your products screened which allows us to assess if we can move forward with registration (cruelty free route) or not.

We will give you a comprehensive picture of the sales channels outside of Tmall Global both online and offline.

Work together to set you on the path to domestic China success

These are the key areas I am currently working on with my clients. for a free intro call to discuss how I can help you with your China headache

We love working with Allie. She is extremely knowledgeable about the China market and helped us navigate complex topics, specifically lending strategic ideas to support our newly launched cross border ecommerce business and social channels.

An expert in her field and passionate about Chinese culture, Allie understands the intricacies of localizing a Western beauty company while maintaining its brand DNA.

With her guidance, we onboarded a local marketing agency and collaborated with other experts to help build our brand presence.

Allie is lovely to work with – she’s candid, flexible and results-driven.

Candace Craig Bulishak

President Tarte Cosmetics