Gaps in Sephora’s Skincare Portfolio


Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of my interview series. 

Today, we’ve got  Jennifer Carlsson.

She is a Beauty brand strategist and a true Beauty lover. Through her consultancy, she helps Independent Beauty brands figure out where they want to be and how to get there. She gathers and analyses data on the Beauty industry publishing reports to help us all make sense of the trends.

Jennifer and I discussed her latest report on Skincare brands in Sephora.

Sephora USA is a destination most brands want on their roadmap

Understanding their strategy is very important for many in the Beauty industry

Jennifer Carlsson has taken a step back and done an in-depth and highly informative report into Sephora’s Skincare category.

This 100 page report looks at 3 key areas

1️⃣ Brands

>>> Full list of all Sephora stocked Skincare brands

>>> Listed the brands that have been added and which have been kicked out

>>> Looks at how these brands in Sephora perform on Instagram

2️⃣ Products

>>> Analysed all products and pulled out those with the highest reviews/review scores/likes

>>> List top 6 products across 6 skincare subcategories 

>>> Look at product trends – packaging & formulation

>>> Overview of skin concerns and numbers of products to address them with average price

3️⃣ Statistics

>>> Diversity of founders

>>> Cruelty free and Vegan brands

>>> Brand’s target audience

>>> Pricing

>>> Product packaging colours

It is a very thorough report which is helpful to brands in Sephora, aspiring to get into Sephora or investors looking to see gaps in the market.

I really recommend contacting Jennifer for more information on Linkedin or see her website.

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