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Want to take away the confusion and frustration of taking your Beauty business into Asia?

This course is for any brand wanting to equip themselves with the right information to make an expansion into Asia successful


Here at Clean Beauty Asia I have put together a comprehensive online course to take away the confusion and frustration that I see amongst so many brand founders wanting to enter this region. I understand how difficult it can be to try and find out information. Especially on such a diverse region as Asia. Also there is the added problem of language in many markets.
Really though, the main issue is that it is not in the interest of distributors and many partners to put out easily accessible information for brands. It takes away a bit of their edge. That is exactly why I have put this course together.

Who is this course for?

It is for smaller brands as I have found that they were especially not equipped with sufficient information before heading into distribution discussions with retailers, distributors and other partners.
My passion is Indie Beauty brands – people who are trying to create something that is just better than what the mainstream brands are producing – more effective formulations – more actives, less fillers. Cleaner – leaving out the questionable ingredients and be more sustainable – from packaging, ingredient choice, labour conditions to sourcing practices.

Why now?

I also understand many Indie Beauty brands have strict budget constraints as they try to grow their business. This is why I’ve created a low cost, easily accessible series of courses. I appreciate that not everyone is able or ready to do a full strategy project with me straightaway, so this is a fantastic way of taking a huge amount of knowledge I have accumulated over years of working in Beauty in the region and distilling it into easy to digest sections for you to get a really good understanding of the market. So, if you are interested in entering the Asian market I highly recommed this comprehensive course as a great place to start.

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