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Want to take away the confusion and frustration of taking your Beauty business into Asia?


Do you want to expand into Asia but you are not sure where to start?

Asia is far away and seems very different, you are not sure who to approach for support without excessive cost?

You know you need to have a good understanding about the market before launching, especially all the details on regulations, taxes and animal testing but don’t know where to get up to date information?

Are you being approached by distributors or retailers but don’t know who to trust?

Do you already have some business in Asia or Asian customers but want to expand further?

You also know this is your dream and you can make it happen, you know you need to understand the markets you are operating in to be able to make it a true success?

I created this course just for you

I am passionate about indie, clean and natural beauty. I have spent most of my career in Asia living in China, Hong Kong and South East Asia working at major Beauty brands in marketing and sales. Through a long journey with infertility I discovered clean beauty and I have never looked back.

  • That is why I left the corporate world to dedicate my experience to helping Indie brands like you navigate the Asian market with ease and success.


  • I know how hard it can be, Asia is most likely very far away from where you live and seems very foreign and complex – so many different languages, cultures, a very different beauty retail landscape and consumer.


  • This course is designed to give you the basis of what you need to know about Asia in order to successfully launch your brand here. I promise that it will cut down hours of research and give you much information that is impossible to find online.

I want to help you take away the confusion and frustration of bringing your Beauty business to Asia?


I have put together a comprehensive online course to take away confusion and frustration that I see amongst so many brand founders wanting to enter this region. I understand how difficult it can be to try and find out information. Especially on such a diverse region as Asia. Also there is the added problem of language in many markets.

Really though the main issues is that it is not in the interest of distributors and many partners to put out easily accessible information for brands. It takes away a bit of their edge. That is exactly why I have put this course together.


What does the Get Ready for Asia Masterclass include?

9 modules that are easy to dip in and out of. Once you are in you will always have access to the content.

You will come out of this course knowing:

  • What the Asian opportunity is in terms of market sizes, category preferences and key growth areas.
  • All the basic requirements for market entry – with easy to read tables on regulations, import and sales taxes. A look at trademarks and type of partners.
  • You will be able to identify which market is best market to start with?
  • You will understand the key characteristics of each market and their consumers across all major beauty markets – China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and South East Asia
  • You will get my concrete advice and hacks on how to give your brand the best start in Asia


In addition to the 9 videos you also get 3 very valuable reference documents:

  1. Glossary of common terms to help you navigate Beauty in Asia
  2. List of retailers for Hong Kong and Singapore – extremely valuable!!
  3. Specific document on taxation in the region


Why now?

I also understand most Indie Beauty brands like you have strict budget constraints as you try to grow your business. This is why I created a low cost, easily accessible series of courses. I appreciate that not everyone is able or ready to do a full strategy project with me straight away so this is a fantastic way of taking a huge amount of knowledge I have accumulated over years of working in Beauty in the region and distilling it into easy to digest sections for you to get a really good understanding of the market. So, if you are interested in entering the Asian market I highly suggest this comprehensive course as a great place to start.



“I have attended many seminars and completed a number courses helping SME approaching few key Asian Beauty Markets; I can honestly say that I have not seen a single one which compares to Get Ready Course. It is well organized, easy to understand, has lots of information, insights and updated details for many markets. Allie’s extensive experience, her professionalism, her understanding of how diverse and unique each Asian country is, helped me a lot to understand how to communicate and plan the launch of our brand differently and most importantly, learn how to adapt a western marketing approach with the multifaceted Asian culture and local Beauty Retail scene.

I can recommend this course wholeheartedly!”

Daniela Pelonara founder and owner of Native Essentials Natural Skincare brand


“I really enjoyed this online course and I am so excited to start crafting a strategy for my Asia market expansion. Allie is so knowledge about the region and the course includes a lot of ‘hard facts’ about market sizes, market share, retailers and number of retail doors, which is extremely helpful for planning. Trying to find all of this information by myself would have taken so long and I doubt I would have been able to find it at the same the level of detail that’s in the course. There are also handy cheat sheets that Allie has prepared that summarises a lot of information in an easy-to-read table that will definitely come in handy.

Alexandra Janson, founder and owner of Oilixia Skincare

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