Chinese regulatory changes for Beauty – UPDATE with Mette Knudsen from Knudsen&CRC

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of my interview series.
Today, we’ve got Mette Knudsen from Knudsen&CRC.

Mette Knudsen is the CEO of Knudsen&CRC who runs a consultancy supporting brands through the registration process – she shares her on-the-ground experience of the new laws.This is a great discussion about Animal testing regulation changes in China that came into effect on the 1st of May.

The 3 reasons why animal testing would still be required

1. Efficacy Claims – whitening
2. New Ingredients – to add any ingredients not already on the safe list, animal testing will be required
3. Special use cosmetics – sunscreen, hair dye, children’s products

What are the 3 struggles brands are currently encountering:

1. GMP certification authorized by the government of manufacture

2. Responsible agent

3. Time to market

WHAT IS Your advise for brands ?

✅ Get your documents ready – this is the main thing to hold up the process. Efficacy claim support is crucial

✅ This new process requires brands to give a lot of information- your raw material suppliers, source of ingredients, production process, etc

✅ Do not appoint your distributor as your responsible agent – get a 3rd party to support until you set up officially in China

Cross Border e-commerce is currently a much simpler route to market but there is concern that next year once this process is fully established the government will start to regulate cross-border more closely.

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